Newsletter September 2022 – Podiatry and Children

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Podiatry and children

Did you know the best foot care starts when you are young.  Our podiatrists are able to assess whether your child is meeting normal developmental milestones or they need treatment or a treatment plan to help reach these milestones.

Common foot problems in children may be growing pains, toenail issues, warts and heel pain.  Getting the correct diagnosis early is important and something we excel at.

If you are concerned with how your child walks, if they trip a lot, or are complaining about pain make an appointment to see one of our Podiatrists.

The Podiatrists at The Foot Centre use a range of modern, up to date and proven innovative techniques to help  with you and your children’s foot problems.

Watch Podiatrist Alison conduct a thorough assessment with some very willing participants. While it looks like a lot of fun these movements help the podiatrist make a proper diagnosis.