Nail Care and Ingrown Toenails

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Some nail conditions, such as ingrowing or abnormally curved toenails, may require removal of part or all of the toenail although in many cases, more conservative treatments may also be effective.  The podiatrists at The Foot Centre provide caring, professional treatment of ingrown toenails.

Ingrown toenails can be a very painful condition and because of fear of surgery many people put off seeking treatment until the nail has deteriorated to a chronic state.   Many ingrown toe nails can be treated without the need for surgery, although conservative measures may mean that you have to visit a podiatrist at regular intervals.

If surgery is required, it is very likely that the procedure can be done without the need for admission to hospital.  Many ingrown nails can be treated surgically in a podiatrist’s rooms with the procedure taking approximately an hour or less.