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Diabetes is a condition in which the body cannot sufficiently convert food into energy. It is a disorder of sugar, fat and protein metabolism. It is important to understand that with proper regular care you can avoid long term complications in your feet that can be caused by diabetes.

Diabetes affects the whole body and if left uncontrolled for extended periods of time can result in long term complications. Your feet are one area in which these complications may arise. 

High blood glucose and high blood fats can lead to circulation problems, like blockage of arteries. The smallest arteries in the body are found in the eyes, kidneys and feet. Consequently, these are usually the first affected. A decrease in blood supply will result in slower healing of cuts, abrasions and other injuries. This can lead to an increased risk of infection and possibly gangrene.

Poorly managed diabetes can also lead to nerve damage. This means decreased sensation in the feet, which causes a reduction in your ability to detect injuries. Without feeling in your feet, it is easy for cuts, abrasions and fractures to go unnoticed. If these injuries are left for an extended period, treatment can be very difficult or impossible. Sometimes, this may result in amputation.

A full podiatric diabetes assessment to be completed by your podiatrist is recommended every year. This assessment is non-invasive and monitors blood flow and sensation in your feet. A full report is sent to your doctor and other relevant health professionals with assessment results.