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Baddaginnie Corns Callouses and Warts Treatment

Baddaginnie corns callouses and warts patients, don't keep suffering. Call us today to arrange treatment in Benalla.

Sometimes, the pressure of the corn or callus may produce inflammation, which can result in pain, swelling and redness. Luckily, if you live in or near Baddaginnie, then it’s just a short trip to come see us in Benalla. Let’s get your healing started
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The body protects skin tissues from pressure or friction damage by producing an area of hard skin so unless the cause of the pressure or friction is found and removed, calluses and corns will continue to form.

Calluses and corns can be treated with removal of thickened skin using a pumice stone or medicated pads containing salicylic acid. Prevention is key with proper footwear and cushioning. See a podiatrist if you suffer from calluses or corns. Don’t try to treat them yourself. 

 Common sites of corns and calluses are the ball of the foot, under the big toe, tips of toes and any bony prominence. 

Sometimes, the pressure of the corn or callus may produce inflammation, which can result in pain, swelling and redness. The symptoms can include:

  • Thickened patch of hard skin on the foot
  • Hard, small bump of skin that may have a central core
  • White and rubbery bumps of skin
  • Pain when pressure or friction is applied to the area

Baddaginnie Corns Callouses and Warts Treatment Fact Sheet

Corns and calluses are common foot problems that can be both painful and unsightly. They develop due to pressure or friction on the feet, and can cause discomfort and affect a person’s mobility if left untreated. We do Baddaginnie corns callouses and Warts treatments at our clinic in Benalla. Let’s get you fixed quickly.

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Baddaginnie corns callouses and Warts Patients

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Local Podiatrist Clinic Serving the Baddaginnie Community​

Baddaginnie is a small town located in the heart of North East Victoria, just 30 kilometers from the Foot Centre Benalla. Despite its size, Baddaginnie offers visitors a chance to experience rural life in Australia and explore the surrounding natural beauty. 

The town is home to a range of local attractions, including historic buildings and walking trails that showcase the area’s cultural heritage. There are also plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as fishing and camping in the nearby state forests. 

To plan your visit to Baddaginnie, check out Strathbogie Shire Council’s official website or Visit Victoria’s website for more information on local events and activities. 

Whether you’re here for a day trip or an extended stay, Baddaginnie has something to offer everyone who visits this picturesque part of Victoria.

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