Newsletter March 2022 – Common sporting injuries

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Common Sporting Injuries:



Did you know that Podiatrists treat knees to toes? With the return to basketball, hockey, netball, football and other sports for 2022 injuries are going to occur within the team.  Here are the most common sporting injuries that podiatrists see and treat:

1. Knee pain
2. Ankle injuries
3. Plantar fasciitis
4. Achilles tendonitis
5. Fractures
6. Shin splints
7. Big toe soreness
8. Ligament weaknes
9. Toenail trauma

Some of the above sporting injuries  maybe caused by abnormal foot forces.  When our feet are not functioning properly, our bodies may compensate and contribute to injury.  If injuries are not properly treated they can have long lasting affects and can cause chronic pain.  Making an appointment with your podiatrist should be on top of your to do list if you or someone in your family has had on injury  to establish a clear treatment plan so that you/they are back out playing as soon as possible.


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