Newsletter January 2022 – School Shoes

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How to choose the right school shoe:

Children spend a majority of there day in school shoes.  It is therefore important to make sure that the shoes they wear are fitted correctly to their feet.

School shoes should:
1) be measured for length and width
2) fit the natural shape of their foot especially around the toes and heel
3) there should be about 1cm growing room to allow for toe movement
4) have a good heel counter, making sure that the back of the shoe stays firm
5) have laces, buckles, straps or velcro to secure shoes in place, preventing toes sliding forward or heels lifting
6) be leather to enable feet to breathe (synthetic materials lead to stinky feet)

Your podiatrist can ensure that school shoes fit correctly.  A yearly check up with your podiatrist is a good idea but especially if you notice uneven shoe wear, your child complains about foot or leg pain, your child trips or falls a lot or your child walks on their tippy toes.

The Athletes Foot and Evans Shoes have a great selection of school shoes.


Can your children tie their own shoelaces? 

The bunny ears method is easy to use. Place the shoe on a flat surface facing away from your child and follow the image directions above.