Newsletter May 2023 – Fascial Manipulation

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Fascial Manipulation: 

Fascial manipulation, the Stecco Method, is a manual therapy designed to address restrictions and densifications of the deep fascia  that surrounds and interconnects muscles, tendons, bones, nerves, blood vessels and internal organs throughout the body.

Restrictions or injuries to the fascial network can cause dysfunction and pain within the body and  it can become rigid and fibrotic. These dysfunctions can cause chronic pain.  Fascia needs lubricating hyaluronic acid to keep it gliding and sliding through out the body.  The fascia can bind up and get stuck either through injury, surgery or poor posture or function.

Manual fascial manipulation aims to  release the  deep layers of fascia into a more fluid state so that it can release the patterns of holding to alleviate chronic injuries (which can be one reason why you get recurring pain). 

Alison attended a course  in London in April,  to become a Level 1 Certified Fascial Manipulation Practitioner  and is the only podiatrist trained in this treatment in Australia.

Podiatrist Alison explains Fascial Manipulation.

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