Newsletter May 2022 – Fancy Podiatry Machines

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Swift Microwave Therapy and ShockwaveTherapy:

The podiatrists at The Foot Centre lead the way  with the most up to date treatments.  We are constantly updating our skills to provide the very best outcomes for our patients.  Swift Microwave Therapy and Shockwave Therapy are two treatment options that have proven results.

Swift Microwave Therapy:  is a non invasive and highly effective treatment  of warts/HPV/Verruca.  This machine helps facilitate the immune system to recognise the wart virus by transforming the virally infected cells into a state of stress and promoting an immune response.  Generally no care is required after treatment and you can carry on with your day.  A typical treatment plan is one appointment monthly for three months.

Shockwave therapy:  is used in the treatment of tendinopathies, muscle sprains and plantar fasciitis.   The shockwave is a physical sound wave shock not an electric one.  It produces an inflammatory response which is the bodies way of stimulating and accelerating the healing process. A typical treatment plan is once a week for three weeks and then additional treatments as determined by your podiatrist.