Newsletter June 2023 – Warts

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Warts or Papilloma are the result of a viral infection. There are several types which can look different depending on where they occur on the body.
Warts on the feet  may appear as multiple flat lesions or  a single large lesion. They are often referred to as ‘plantar warts’ which simply means that they occur on the bottom of the feet. In fact they can develop anywhere even under the nails and between the toes.
Warts are highly contagious especially in warm moist areas such as bathing facilities, e.g. swimming pools, communal showers etc. To prevent infection avoid walking barefoot in such areas and keep your feet meticulously clean and dry.
A correct diagnosis is very important in determining the best form of treatment. It is best to seek the advice of your podiatrist for the most appropriate treatment which may consist of:  SWIFT Microwave Therapy, freezing of the area, applying acid, application of a non-breathable dressing and possible pressure relief padding if the wart is in a weight-bearing area. 
Unfortunately no single method of treatment is 100% effective as viral infections require your own immune response to eliminate them.  Often people will comment that the wart just disappeared over night and spontaneously resolved which can often be the case.


Podiatrist Cassandra explains the importance of a correct diagnosis in the process of treating Warts or HPV and the different modalities that can be used to help your body respond to the virus and thus rid your feet of warts.

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