Newsletter March 2023 – Corns and Callous:

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Corns and Callous
Corns and callouses are  a common painful skin condition of the feet. They form as a result of friction or pressure that can be easily treated by your podiatrist.  

Callouses are areas of hard skin which can become painful especially when the build up is excessive. They are caused by poorly fitted shoes, an uneven gait and abnormalities or deformities in your bone structure. 

Corns are small circular areas that are hard and funnel like in the centre and can be very painful and feel like you have a stone in your shoe. If left untreated they can cause infections and ulcers. 

Your podiatrist will work with you to find the cause of your corns and callouses and develop and provide a management strategy for you.  In the mean time wearing good shoes that fit properly, always wearing socks, using moisturiser and regular podiatric care will keep you on your feet.

Podiatrist Cassandra explains what corn and callouses are and the importance of making an appointment with your podiatrist for management options.

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