Newsletter April 2023 – What is a Podiatrist:

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What is a podiatrist:

Do you have bunions, heel pain, warts on your feet, sporting injuries, wounds that arent healing, clawed toes, lower limb night pain, uneven shoe wear?? Ever wondered what a podiatrist actually does? They treat all the above and so much more.
For some people, (me included until I started working at The Foot Centre), when you say podiatrist you think of a person who simply cuts toenails, deals with corns and callous and treats ingrown toenails.  A Podiatrist is defined as an expert in foot, ankle and lower limb health. They can help to prevent, diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions. Some common and others not so common.  Our podiatrists aim to use non surgical methods to treat your problems.

Your podiatrist will quickly become your best friend, keeping you on your feet and able to do those activities that you love. 

Did you know: Our podiatrists are continually learning and must do 20 certified hours of Continual Professional Development every year to keep their registration with Australian Podiatry Association. For your information they actually do heaps more than that!

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